Vutek QS UV Printhead

Vutek QS UV Printhead

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Product Description

Vutek QS UV Printhead

Vutek QS UV Printhead: Revolutionizing Print Technology

Are you looking for a game-changer in the world of printing technology? Look no further than the Vutek QS UV Printhead! This cutting-edge device is revolutionizing the way we print, offering unmatched quality and efficiency.

The Vutek QS UV Printhead is designed to meet the demands of today's fast-paced printing industry. With its advanced UV technology, this printhead delivers exceptional print results on a wide range of materials, including paper, vinyl, fabric, and more. Whether you're printing banners, posters, or even vehicle wraps, this printhead ensures vibrant colors and sharp details that will make your prints truly stand out.

One of the standout features of the Vutek QS UV Printhead is its incredible speed. With its high-speed printing capabilities, you can produce large-scale prints in record time, allowing you to meet tight deadlines without compromising on quality. Say goodbye to long waiting times and hello to efficient production processes!

But what truly sets the Vutek QS UV Printhead apart from its competitors is its durability and longevity. Engineered with precision and built to last, this printhead can withstand the rigors of continuous printing, reducing downtime and maintenance costs. This means you can enjoy uninterrupted printing sessions, boosting productivity and profitability for your business.

Moreover, the Vutek QS UV Printhead boasts user-friendly features that make it suitable for both seasoned professionals and newcomers to the printing industry. Its intuitive interface and easy-to-use controls ensure a hassle-free printing experience, allowing you to focus on unleashing your creativity and bringing your designs to life.

In addition to its remarkable performance, the Vutek QS UV Printhead also prioritizes environmental sustainability. It incorporates eco-friendly UV technology that minimizes energy consumption and reduces waste, making it a responsible choice for eco-conscious businesses.

So, whether you're a print shop owner, a graphic designer, or a marketing professional, the Vutek QS UV Printhead is the perfect ally to elevate your printing game. Experience unparalleled quality, speed, and durability with this state-of-the-art device, and take your prints to new heights.

Don't miss out on the printing revolution – embrace the Vutek QS UV Printhead and unlock a world of possibilities in the palm of your hands!

The following items are expressly excluded from the warranty:

- Defects caused in any way by the use of non-original inks.

- Clogged, missing or misaligned nozzles

- Defects caused by misuse, abuse, accident, neglect, lack of use or improper storage when not in use for extended periods of time.

- Failure to carry out periodic maintenance as specified in the user documentation; operation for unintended purposes.

- Failure due to improper loading of media

- Any other defect, failure or damage that is not considered a manufacturing defect.

- Defects related to third party applications, software, parts, components or peripherals, including any bulk ink system.

- Defects of a purely cosmetic nature.

Product Specifications

- Active nozzles: 510

- Print width: 72 mm

- Drop volume: 35 pl

- Typical firing frequency: 8 Khz

Printer compatibility

Vutek Qs2000

Vutek Qs220

Vutek Qs3200

Vutek Qs3220

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